Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences


Postgraduate Education

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Postgraduate education

About the postgraduate and research based education in Yerevan State Linguistic University “Bryusov”

Postgraduate education at the University dates back to 1963. It aims towards preparing highly qualified professionals /research applicants, PhD students, doctorates/ and enhances research.

Yerevan State Linguistic University “Bryusov” has 25 postgraduate students, 3 of them are full time students and 22 of them are distance learning. University also has 65 research applicants.

The admission of research applicants takes place from August 25 till September 25.

The head of the Postgraduate education deals with the admission of postgraduate students and research applicants, acceptance of documents, formation of orders and reference letters, acceptance of applications, tuition fees, PhD qualifying exams, personal files, organization of courses, issues connected with annual certification, provision of the contact with the chairs.


Activities involving the work connected with PhD students and research applicants

Formation of the applications of full time and distance learning postgraduate applicants of each chair for admission of the next academic year.

Work based on the presented applications together with the RA Ministry of Education and Science

Announcement publication in the daily newspaper “Hayastani Hanrapetutyun” (the Republic of Armenia) about the admission of full time and distance postgraduate education

Admission of the documents of full time and distance postgraduate education

Formation of the orders of admission committees of full time and distance postgraduate education

Organization of the profession exam of full time and distance postgraduate students in the university

Formation of protocols of the meetings of mandate committee

Formation of the order about the permission for specialized exams of full time and distance postgraduate students

Formation of the order of the admission of postgraduate education

Work with each of the postgraduate student

Explanation of the peculiarities of Credit System, provision of individual plans and educational programs, consultation

Approvement of  the dissertation themes and scientific supervisors by Scientific Council not late than in 3 months term since the admission of the postgraduate students due to the approved regulation of the higher attestation committee

Approvement of each research applicant and scientific supervisor together with the chair

Certification of PhD students at the end of each term (during the certification the chairs check the individual plans, count the gained credits)

At the beginning of each term courses are organized and time table is prepared for postgraduate students and research applicants

Monitoring for the organized courses,

Organization of the exam periods for PhD qualifying exams (spring and autumn exam periods)

Formation of reference letters, orders, protocols, organization of consultation

Formation of reference letters on the PhD qualifying exam

Ongoing issues, consultation, formation of protocols, reference letters, orders


Tel.: (+374) 10 53 22 39, (ext. 106)


Hours of admission: 09:00 - 17:30 (Monday-Friday)

Break time: 12:30 – 13:00


Acting head of the Postgraduate Education: Lilit Babayan