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Career Center

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opportunity_boulevardThe Career Center is the only inter-university structure that deals with employment issues of YSLU students and alumni.

The YSLU Career Center was founded on November 3, 2007, in compliance with the decree adopted by the YSLU Scientific Council. The mission of the Center is to contribute to the competitiveness of YSLU students and graduates in the labor market, reinforcement and development of continuous networking between the university and its alumni, as well as the solutions of current issues of YSLU.  

The Necessity of the Center Establishment

With a transition to a market economy, the issue of employment provision for the alumni grew central. Unlike the former Soviet planned economics where the issue of a graduate’s employment was solved on a centralized basis, the new system challenged the alumnus to contribute his/her own efforts in finding a job. The solution of the issue is rather challenging for the graduates, due to a range of subjective and objective reasons. Unfortunately, it is no rare occurrence for the university graduate is employed for a position, inappropriate for his/her qualification. The orientation of young specialists in the complex system of the employment market and boosting their competitiveness in the field has become a well-grounded priority for the YSLU. In different countries leading universities receive a certain part of their financial resources from endowments by their graduates and active networking between the University and its alumni.


The YSLU has had a myriad of brilliant graduates throughout the 76 years of its activity, comprised of more than 50000 highly qualified specialists of Russian, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and other languages, as well as applied psychology, international tourism, political and area studies and other specializations. It is obvious that with such a mighty human capital, as well as new methods, approaches and opportunities available for organizing work procedures, it is essential to establish new-quality relations between the alumni and the YSLU.

In nearly all developed and established educational institutions of the world, there operate subdivisions, uniting dozens of thousands of alumni, who are ready to have their input in the solutions of the various issues their universities might face.


The main objective of the Career Center is to maintain continuous relation with the students and alumni of the university. Thus official web page and group of Career and Alumni Center of YSLU function on Facebook, where various job opportunities, education and volunteer programs, seminars, etc. are periodically updated. 


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