The Center co-operates with the YSLU Chairs and Centers in performing the following action lines:
  • to create a database of CoE legislative, teaching and methodological documentation on language education,
  • to disseminate information about CoE language education among the stakeholders in the higher education system of Armenia /education administrators, teacher trainers, lecturers, students/ through discussions, debates, seminars and workshops on university and national levels,
  • to conduct academic research with a view to defining the means of  implementing CoE  teaching and methodological documentation and educational tools in the YSLU,
  • to develop teaching and methodological materials /guides, textbooks, manuals/ and innovative academic courses on the implementation of the above-stated documentation and educational tools,
  • to encourage involvement of the Armenian language education professionals in the CoE events and activities,
  • to foster bi- and multilateral co-operation with CoE and other international organizations through projects introduced by the Armenian stakeholders and carried out on national and international levels.