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EDL_image_1The European Day of Languages (EDL) is an annual event which is celebrated on the 26th of September. It comes from the European Year of Languages 2001, jointly organized by the Council of Europe and the European Union in which over 45 participating countries were involved. The overall aim was to promote linguistic diversity, intercultural communication and language learning on a large scale. The Year comprised over 26.000 celebrations; language festivals, competitions, workshops dedicated to vital issues of language teaching/learning etc. 

The Year was aimed to highlight the importance of language policy not only for reaching economic success but also for social integrity, language rights, democratic citizenship and intercultural comprehension. The logical continuation of the Year was new political initiatives in member states, including the use and adaptation of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (arm., eng.), Country Report on the Language Education Policy Profile, Experts’ Report on Armenia, the European Language Portfolio etc. In May 2010 the English version of the Language Education Policy Profile of Armenia which was formed by joint efforts of CoE Language Policy Division experts and Armenian representatives, was posted on the CoE site. The formation of the Profile was based on previous country reports and those of experts.      

 All the long-term goals of the Year are reflected in the EDL.

The aims of the EDL are:

  • To inform the public about rich linguistic diversity in Europe which should be preserved and promoted
  • To encourage plurilingual education throughout Europe and beyond

To promote language learning and lifelong learning for meeting economic, social and cultural needs

The EDL official site is where you can find:

  • EDL information 
  • list of EDL events and celebrations held in member states (you too can post EDL events & celebrations organized in your country)
  • interactive games, EDL celebration postcards etc.
  • EDL posters and other materials


EDL reports: