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Participants' Reports

Reports 2013 (16.12.2013-20.12.2013)
Reports 2012 (31.05.2012-01.06.201221.11.2012-23.11.2012)
Report(s) 2011 (23.02-25.02.201110.03.-11.03.201119.05.-20.02.2011(1)19.05.-20.02.2011(2))
Report(s) 2010 (26.05-28.05.1009.09.-10.09.10)

Report(s) 2009
Report(s) 2008
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Participant's Profile
16.12.2013-20.12.2013 Anna Azaryan, Mariam Khshvejyan
  • Network meeting CARAP/FREPA
Lusine Fljyan
  • "Languages in corporate quality"
13.02.2013-18.02.2013 Arthur Apresyan
  • "Plurilingualism in teaching the language of schooling"
2012, 31 May - 1 June
2012, November 21-23 
Ani Shahinyan
  • Network meeting CARAP/FREPA; "A Framework of Reference for Pluralistic Approaches to Languages and Cultures"
  • "A Framework of Reference for Pluralistic Approaches to Languages and Cultures: Descriptors and Teaching Materials" workshop for National Contact Points and CARAP/FREPA National Relays    

2011, 29 September - 
1 October
2011, 22-24 March

2006, 5-8 April

2003, 6-8 March
Lusine Fljyan 
  • "Empowering Language Professionals (2008-2011)" /Closing Conference of 3rd ECML Programme/
  • “Enhancing Success of Mobility Programmes – Tools for Language Teachers”
  • “Material Developers, Teacher Trainers Specialized in Second Language Acquisition, Teachers and Other Multipliers Who Have the Material Possibility of Trying out Language Quests or Can Organize such an Activity”
  • “ICT and Young Learners”

2011, May 19-20

Naira Poghosyan
  • The European Language Portfolio in Whole-School Use" (ELP-WSU)
 2011, 10-11 March
2009, 25-28 February

Satenik Arakelyan 

  •  “Introducing New Pedagogical Approaches, Methods and Tools in Foreign Language Teaching, Developing Online Teaching Skills and New Pedagogical Aspects of New Teaching Generation”
  • "Exploring Cutting Edge Applications of Networked Technologies in Vocationally Oriented Language Learning" (E-VOLLution)
 2011, 23-25 February   Marina Kharatyan  “A Framework of Reference for Pluralistic Approaches – a Tool for Teachers” (CARAP/FREPA)
2010, 9-11 June  Nora Harutyuanyan  “Teaching Discipline in a Foreign Language Other than English”
 2010, 24-26  November
2008, 4-5 December
 Anahit Arnaudyan  
  • “Classroom Assessment Related to the CEFR” (ClassRelEx)
  • “Developing Online Teaching Skills” (DOTS
 2010, 9-10 September   Yura Ganjalyan “Assessment of Young Learner Literacy Linked to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” (AYLLIT)
 2010, 26-28 May   Lianna Petrosyan  “Guidelines for University Language Testing” (GULT)
 2010 , 29-30 June   Lilia Asryan  “National Contact Points for the ECML” 
2005, 3-5 November
 Margarita   Apressyan  /YSU/
  • “Curriculum Development for Collective Teaching of Language and Contents of Other Subjects ”
  • “Workshop Participants should have expert knowledge of teaching through a foreign language (primary/ secondary/ vocational) and be in some form of multiplier capacity nationally. Participants should have an overview of recent developments of CLIL in their respective countries”
 2009, 15-16 December
2008, 11-12 October
2007, 29-31 March
 Gayane Terzyan 
  • MARILLE; “Majority Language Instruction as Basis for Plurilingual Education”
  • “The European  Language Portfolio in Whole-School Use” (ELP-WSU)
  • “ELP Implementation Support” (impel) 
 2009, 3-4 December  Artashes Torosyan  “Developing Online Teaching Skills” (DOTS)
 2009, 17-30 September
2008 September
Gayane Hovhannissyan  “Content-based Language Teaching in Multilingual Classrooms” (ConBat+)
 2009 Decemeber   Levon Markosyan  “The Dissemination of Pedagogical Newest Teaching Methods and Criteria of Measurement”
 2008, 11-12 November
2004, 24-27 November
2003, 12-14 June
 Melanya Astvatsatryan 
  • “Contact Point” workshop
  • “Training Teachers to the Use of European Language Portfolio”
  • “Learning more than one Language Efficiently: Tertiary Language Teaching in Europe. Example: German as a Subsequent Foreign Language after English”
 2008, 5 November  Azaryan Anna “Teachers Working as Multipliers in Networks; Teacher Educators”
 2008   Mkrtich Avagyan “The Correspondence of Language Exams to the CEFR levels”
 2007, 15 February  Araik Jraghatspanyan  “The Language Case Studies (LCaS). Initial Teacher Training and in Further Development Programmes for Secondary and University Language Teaching”
 2007, 5-6 June
2005, 23-26 November
2004, 16-19 June
2003, 24-26 April
 Izabella Ohanova 
  • “Web Journals in Language Education”
  • “Web Journals in Language Education” (BLOGS)
  • “To Get to Know Each Other Leads to Better Mutual Understanding”
  • “The Gateway to Languages - the Introduction of Language Awareness into the Curriculum”
2011, 19-20 May
2006, 29-30 September
 Susanna Asatryan 
  • The European Language Portfolio in Whole-School Use" (ELP-WSU)
  • “Initiatives for Plurlingualism: Cooperation between Teacher Associations and ECML”
 2006, 12 December   Karina Eghiazarova “Pre-service or In-service Trainers with no More than 3 Years of Training Experience”
2011, 29 September - 
1 October
2006, 22-23 September
2006, 12 December
 Suren Zolyan 
  • "Empowering Language Professionals (2008-2011)" /Closing Conference of 3rd ECML Programme/
  • “Optimizing the Interplay: International Level/National Level. Meeting between the National Nominating Authorities of the ECML;

On the Occasion of the European Day of Languages:

  1. are presently serving on a committee of an association of language teachers;
  2. are interested in plurilingualism and its implementation;
  3. are actively engaged in organizing conferences and other professional events;
  4. publish a newsletter or are responsible for a website” 
  • “Practitioners, Managers or Academics in This and Related Fields”

2006, 1 April

2003, 4-8 February

2001, 6-8 December 

 Anna Gasparyan
  • “Professional with Practical Experience of Working with Groups of Teachers and/or Trainees, and Who are Willing to Participate Actively in Follow up Work Leading to a Final Publication”
  • “The Status of Language Educators”
  • “The Status of Language Teachers”
2006, April 27-29 Kristine Soghikyan   “The Assessment, Analysis and Suggestions of Amendments to the First Draft of the Student Teacher Portfolio” (EPOSTL)

2006, 27-29 April

2003, 4-7 December

2002, 4-7 December
Edward Tadevossyan 
  • “The Assessment, Analysis and Suggestions of Amendments to the First Draft of the Student Teacher Portfolio” (EPOSTL)
  • Bergen ‘Can Do’ Project
  • “Ongoing Assessment in the Lower Secondary Classroom Evolving ICT Bases Materials on a Can do Suitable for Portfolio Presentation”

2006, 12-14 October

Susanna Karakhanyan 
  • “Multipliers, Trainers of Language Educators (facilitators) in Areas Related to Quality Assurance, Professionals with Managerial Responsibilities, Involved in Setting up and/or Co-ordinating Quality Assurance in their Educational Context, Practitioners with Interest in Quality Management and in Becoming Multipliers; Essential are Experience of Quality Management Training and Experience of Implementing Quality Management Programmes”
  • “Optimizing Interplay: National/International Level”

2005, 26-29 January

Nara Aruthchyan  “In-service and Pre-service Language Teacher |Trainers Interested in Plurilingualism and Pluriculturalism (including primary schoolteacher trainers)”

2005, 21-23 April

Anna Aruthchyan  “Instructors of Pre-university Programmes (preparatory/access courses) for International Students/CHAGAL Student Target Group”
2005, 15 June skipped “Participants should be working in the field of linguistic diversity, and be familiar with teaching and learning issues for children who speak either regional and lesser used languages or more recently arrived minority languages. Participants should ideally have experience of bilingual approaches to the education of children between the ages of 3 and 14, in mainstream schools or in the voluntary sector. Familiarity with issues in early literacy learning would be an advantage”
2005, 16-17 September Meri  Meliksetyan  “Back to the Future: The Needs of Tomorrow’s Language Educators”  
2005, 27-29 October Gayaneh Gasparyan  “Foreign Language Teachers with Strong Focus on Intercultural Awareness”
2005, March-April Naira Manukyan  “Intercultural Communication and Foreign Language Teaching”
2005 Anahit Khosrovyan  ENSEMBLE
2004, October Sonya Zakaryan “Special Educational Needs” (SEN)

2004, November 3-6

2002, 20-23 June
Tatyana Abelyan 
  • “Cohesion of Competences, Coherence of Principles” (CoCoCoP)
  • “Self Assessment. Quality Assurance”
- Margaryan Sveta The information is not available.


2002, 23-24 September
Karen Hayryan /Ped. Inst/
  • “ODYSSEUS Second Language at the Workplace. Language Needs of Migrant Workers: Organizing Language Learning for the Vocational/Workplace Context”  


2003, 20-21 June

2002, 10-13 November
Christina Grigoryan 
  • “GuideLines for Setting up, Running and Expanding LRCs”
  • “Good Practice in Setting up Running and Expanding Language Resources Centres”
  • “Facing the Future: Language Teachers across Europe”
2003, 16-17 May Gayane Petrosyan  /ESU/ “Cultural Mediation and the Teaching and Learning of Languages”
2002, 4-8 June Vardan Vardanyan  “Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Distant Language Learning”
2002, 4-8 September Sveta Vardanyan  “ICT in Vocationally Oriented Language Learning: From Awareness to Impact through Implementation. ICT Voll Imapct”
2001, July Narine Hovhannisyan  The information is not available.
1999, 23-27 February Hasmik Kajberuni  “Promoting Reflective Teaching through Classroom Research in Pre-service Teacher Education”
1999, 18 April Tatkalo Nina “Problems of National Minorities”