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Chair of English Communication and Translation

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SoghikyanKristine Soghikyan, Head of the Chair of English Communication and Translation, PhD, Senior Lecturer

Welcome to the Chair of English Communication and Translation!
Here you will find information on the activities and mission of the Chair, our teaching staff, the guides and syllabi to the courses we teach and the announcements of upcoming activities and events.
The Chair of English Communication and Translation mainly focuses on the development of translation and communication skills among YSLU students, majoring in English.
We are deeply convinced that quality translation and effective communication can be keys to the solution of numerous problems, enhancing intercultural and international contacts and building an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect.

The Chair of English Communication and Translation

The Chair of English Communication and Translation of Yerevan State Linguistic University targets at the development of oral and written communication skills in English, providing for practical application of knowledge accrued during language courses in specific communicative situations.
The Chair of English Communication and Translation also services the "Translation Studies" education program, ensuring the development of mandatory and selective component subjects and courses.
The Chair's activity fully aligns with YSLU mission; to ensure authenticity and high level of education programs, the faculty of the chair not only forms and develops oral and written communication abilities and skills within students, but also assists in the enhancement of intercultural communication competencies, promoting awareness of socio-cultural peculiarities of the mother tongue and the studied languages.
Furthermore, in compliance with the philosophy and logic of modern education, we teach to learn, a prerequisite highly significant in the contemporary information society and the associated labor market.
The Chair has long-term development plans to reinforce the status of the University as a center for language, linguistic and humanities knowledge transfer and creation on the territory of the RA and the region. We envisage cooperation in the environment of quality education assurance, implementation of competitive international scientific research activities and social responsibility, categorizing the content of education programs into specialities and narrow specializations, via application of the student-centered approach and multimedia methods.
As to our scientific research activity, it presupposes both theoretical and practical approaches, particularly in the form of translations performed in "translation studios" by students enrolled in the "Translation Studies" program.
The element of social responsibility manifests itself in translations of foreign-language information into Armenian for the Armenian public.
The Chair intends to implement its activity in cooperation with other chairs, in partnership with RA and international universities, as well as various international non-governmental organizations.
Within the scope of these three key directions, YSLU Chair of English Communication and Translation aims to provide education services at all the three levels of higher education, targeting at appropriately developed and categorized, logically and spirally compounding content and knowledge-to-practice approach.

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