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The Chair of English Communication

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Head of the Chair of English Lexicology and Stylistics - Gayane Yeghiazaryan, PhD, Associate Professor


As the Head of the Chair of English Lexicology and Stylistics, it is my distinct privilege to be able to welcome you to our webpage on behalf of my colleagues in English and Communication. I am proud to say that the staff in our chair includes many nationally and even internationally known scholars and we pride ourselves on having a broad range of courses taught by skilled and credentialed instructors.

Comfort with English is almost a prerequisite for success in the world today. It helps students understand people in their various cultures, environments and times, provides them with essential skills necessary to communicate effectively, to enrich their lives both intellectually and materially and to function as productive members of society.

Through a wide variety of courses in both practical language skills and theory, major and minor, compulsory and elective for BA and MA students, the chair seeks to encourage students to live an ethical and humane life, to explore human relationships, to think and act creatively, and to develop the critical analytical skills that foster effective communication in university, career and life.

Our mission is to empower our students to acquire effective English language for their academic and professional lives through innovative teaching, challenging and stimulating courses and promotion of independent learning.

We achieve this mission by

  • developing  communicative language skills 
  • providing well-designed and relevant programmes
  • preparing students for the communication needs of the university and the workplace
  • adopting innovative teaching practices grounded on research
  • collaborating with chairs and departments across the university to meet students’ language and communication needs
  • sharing expertise with practitioners abroad through publications, conferences and academic collaboration

Chair of English Lexicology and Stylistics offers students the opportunity to combine the study of young, dynamic subjects with an established discipline. The objective of the programme is to provide an interdisciplinary context in which linguistic and cultural skills are nurtured separately, and feed each other, strengthening the abilities of students to think critically and creatively and to express themselves well.  

Research is an integral part of the staff occupation. It covers different aspects of modern linguistics, mainly: Discourse and Discourse Analysis, Text and Text Linguistics, Communicative and Cognitive Linguistics, Pragmatics, Language and Culture.


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