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Chair of English Phonetics and Grammar

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Acting Chairholder - PhD, Associate Professor Narine Hovhannisyan

Chairholder's Message

Dear student, it is my pleasure and privilege to extend my warm greetings to you. I am pleased to welcome you to our new website. In case, you have any doubts about the exceptional importance of English in our globalizing world, just remember that about 375 million people speak English as their native language. Today English is probably the third largest language by number of native speakers, after Chinese and Spanish. It is the core international language in communication, science, business, aviation, diplomacy, etc.

Needless to say, it is easy to understand why career opportunities for proficient English speakers abound! With proper planning and diligent study on your part, our Chair can help you turn these opportunities into reality. This is especially true for double majors that our University offers. 

As you know, undergraduate education requires willingness to devote much time to your studies. We recently modified our existing emphases by updating the language materials and methods of teaching. 

We anticipate another great year hoping that it will be a happy and rewarding one for you as well. Have an efficient time exploring our new website.

History of the Chair

The Chair of English Phonetics and Grammar was officially instituted at the University in 1975, when aspect teaching, including phonetics and grammar, began to advance. The main research interests of the Chair were commenced in 1977 on the initiative of S.Baghdasaryan who headed the Chair from 1977 to 1987. S.Baghdasaryan contributed to the formation and enhancement of the aspects of Phonetics. The Chair cooperates with the Sector of Applied Phonetics of the National Academy of Sciences. The academic endeavors of the Chair include Contrastive Phonetics, Communicative Phonetics, Phonostylistics, and Experimental Phonetics.


In the field of grammar considerable contribution was made by H.Asmangulyan, who is considered the founder of the Chair of English. H.Asmangulyan was a distinguished scientist and lecturer whose research interests lay in the field of the History of the English Language. She also covered a wide range of issues not only in the theory, but also in the pedagogical aspects of grammar. Her scientific record includes numerous articles, a fundamental research on the terms of kinship and a number of school textbooks. Later the Chair was headed by Dr, Professor G.Gasparyan 1994-2003, PhD, Associate Professor S.Margaryan 2003-2009,  PhD, Associate professor N.Hovhannisyan 2009-2010 and PhD, Associate professor Hranush Tovmasyan 2010-2013 January.


The acting head of the chair is PhD, Associate Professor Narine Hovhannisyan.






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