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Chair on Education Management and Planning was established in 2007 in cooperation with UNESCO, National Institute of Education of RA and Yerevan State Linguistic University after V.Brusov.


Emphasizing the significance of higher education in the process of globalization and RA educational reforms, as well as reckoning with the market liberalization and competitive environment in the educational sector, the Chair endeavors to build a structure of competitive education quality assurance in compliance with international standards. The Structure shall enhance the implementation of  three-level education in Public Administration with minor in Education Management.



  • To contribute to the enhancement of highly qualified human capital in the field of education management through preparing and training education administrators and management specialists,
  • To contribute to the process of the reforms and development at YSLU through designing an internationally competitive and dynamic system and programs,
  • To add to the processes of RA educational reforms and development, as well as promote education policy design, strategic planning and administration,
  • To integrate into the UNESCO chair network  and enhance cooperation with structural subdivisions of UNESCO, as well as to augment cooperation networking in the field of higher education.


Educational Objectives

  • To provide quality education through curricular and extracurricular activities in compliance with students’ requirements,
  • To assess students’ knowledge at the stages of enrollment and graduation through relevant assessment tools,
  • To develop and design trainings for administrators, management specialists, and a wider circle of professionals,
  • To establish and develop an Institute of Academic Consultants for the major of “Public Administration” aiming at the selection of elective courses.  

Research Objective

  • To endorse the image of YSLU as a leading research university in Armenia,
  • To enhance the functions of the Educational Research Centre adjunct to the UNESCO Chair on Education Planning and Administration on the development of research capacities of  higher educational institutions,
  • To stimulate postgraduate research at the Chair by actually combining research, supplementary, and lifelong learning as well as to engage the best students and alumni in the activities of the Chair,
  • To survey and define the required skills of an Education Administrator in the market in cooperation with the Quality Assurance Centre of YSLU,
  • To strengthen professional networking and research activities with the National Institute of Education of RA,
  • To increase the availability of competent specialists through developing research-based policies in education and fostering academic advancement by means of research in relevant disciplines,
  • To establish cooperation and professional networking in higher education and promote the regional co-operation between South Caucasus Countries.


Organizational Objectives

  • To promote continuous participation of MPA alumni in various professional trainings and intra-organizational cooperation with the other Chairs of the University,
  • To foster cumulative intra-university training system.


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