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Chair of Linguistics and Theory of Communication

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 Head of the Chair – Karine Sh. Abrahamyan , Doctor of Philology, Professor

Karine Sh. Abrahamyan defended her PhD thesis on: “The Structure of Word-Formation Paradigms of Russian, Armenian and English Perception Verbs” at Tbilisi State University in 1986.
In 1993 she was awarded the Degree of Associate Professor.
In September, 2007 at Yerevan State University Academic Council she defended her doctorate thesis on ”Cognitive Relations in Word-Formation (on Non-productive (root) English Verbs in Comparison with Armenian and Russian)”.

Karine Sh. Abrahamyan’s scientific interests lie in the sphere of Comparative Typology, in particular, Comparative Word-Formation of the English, Armenian and Russian languages from the viewpoint of Cognitive Linguistics.
Karine Sh. Abrahamyan is a member of the Scientific Council and University Council of the YSLU.
She is the author of over 70 scientific publications.
Karine Sh. Abrahamyan has participated in many republican, all-Union and international scientific conferences.Many of her presentations were published abroad, namely in Russia, Ukraine, Khazakhstan, England, Canada.


The chair of General Linguistics was officially instituted in 1969.
The first head of the chair was Academician Edward Atayan – Doctor of Philosophy, Professor
Afterwards the chair was headed by:
  • Margarita Ter-Poghosyan – Ph.D, Associate Professor
  • Ruben Manucharyan – Doctor of Philology, Professor
  • Hrachya Hakobjanyan – Ph.D, Associate Professor
  • Suren Zolyan – Doctor of Philology, Professor
  • Karine Abrahamyan – Ph.D, Associate Professor
  • Lilit Brutyan - Doctor of Philology, Professor
  • Eliza Ghazaryan – Ph.D, Associate Professor
  • Karine Abrahamyan – Doctor of Philology, Professor