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Congratulations on Student’s Day

The Student Council of YSLU and the  Youth Foundation of Armenia  organized a concert on November 20 at Aram Khachatryan concert hall to celebrate the international day of  students and particularly to congratulate the student of YSLU. The opening speeches were made by  YSLU vice-rector G. Balayan , the head of the Student Council Hasmik Apyan and the head of the projects of YFA Martha Simonyan . The hosts of the concerts were famous  LULU and Zhak and also YSLU student Anna Ohanyan and YSLU graduate student Edward Vardanyan. The important part of the concert was the oath of the first year student and the ceremony of receiving the student booklets. This has already become a tradition for YSLU. The ceremony was accompanied by the international students’ hymn called “Gaudemaus”.

“Miss BRUSOV 2011” was another important constituent part of this concert in which 12 beauties from YSLU took part. Girls had 3 appearances showing the student uniform, national costumes and of course cocktail dresses. The judges Aram Nikolyan, Mher Baghdasaryan, Irina Tovmasyan, Faina Harutyunyan made up their mind to choose another 2 participants for the 3rd prize apart from the 1st and 2nd prizes. Anush Sahakyan won the title “Vice-Miss Brusov” while Alisa Sahakyan, won the title “Miss Brusov”.

Anushik Ter-Ghukasyan, Qristine Avetisyan, Hasmik Araqelyan, Nana Abrahamyan sang duos together with famous singers Sargis Avetisyan, Mari, Raisa Mkrtchyan and others.

The student council made surveys due to which it was found out that 5 favorite singers of YSLU students are Armo, Erik, Mihran Tsarukyan, Sofi Mkheyan. All of them sang their beautiful songs for the students. The 1st place in Brusov Top 5 was won by Andre. At the end of the concert the names of the best students of the year were announced. They are Anahit Tunyan, Lilit Grigoryan, Hasmik Voskanyan, Zhora Afrikyan and Nana Abrahamyan. The concert finished with YALU hymn performed by university’s choir.

YSLU Students are Donating Blood

247332_103315726428157_100002491898406_25208_331495_n246782_103315869761476_100002491898406_25210_7051400_nOn November 18, 2011 took place the joint program of  the Charity committee of YSLU SC and  the Youth Foundation of Armenia. The program was volunteering blood donation in the blood donating Clinique after Yolyan.  Eight students of YSLU participated in the program, who were expecting to support sick children with their donation.


Book Crossing

The Scientific Association of YSLU SC and the chief librarian A. Chulyan organised a joint program called <> which was held on the first floor of the library on 18.11.2011. Students of all years took part in the event as well as the students of the Foreign Language faculty from the Arsagh State university.

Book Crossing  is defined as "the practice of leaving a book in a public place to be picked up and read by others, who then do likewise." The term is derived from, a free online book club which began in order to encourage the practice, aiming to "make the whole world a library."The Scientific Association of YSLU SC hopes  that by realising the program, reading will be promoted among students and even more, students will start exchanging books.

SAM_4738 SAM_4744 SAM_4763 SAM_4756

Hosting Arsagh State University 

The SC of the Foreign Languages faculty  had invited the students of the Foreign Languages faculty of Arsagh State University to participate in the conference on   November 16-21.  The students of the Foreign Languages faculty of Arstagh State University participated in the lessons of YSLU, got introduced with the applied teaching methods, also got introduced with the functioning credit system. Consequently the students of both universities made parallels and gave their opinion about the above mentioned.The Students of the faculty of foreign languages of Arsagh State University also participated in a series of events dedicated to the international student’s day



sporsportThe competition was held in the YSLU yard on the 15 of October.  The goal of the game was to offer students games,that consisted of other mini games.   In the USA games like this are played in the TV show called "A Minute to Win it". The obstacle course consisted of complex physical games where the player , or the team had to overcome the obstacles as fast as possible. This game consisted of 3 mini-games and each game was timed. The participants of the game were Arshaluys Kotoyan, Mariam Saghatelyan, Nune Nazaryan, Zhora Afrikyan, Suzanna Muradyan, Ani Harutunyan, Sival Eritsyan, Ani Babajanyan, Mane Manukyan, Sona Hovhannisyan and Nazeli Ghazaryan. Here are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams of students who overcame the obstacle course in the least amount of time according to, they received diplomas.

  • First place Arshaluys Kotoyan and Nune Nazaryan      -1m and 5 seconds
  • Second place Zhora Afrikyan and Suzanna Muradyan  -1m and 38 seconds
  • Third place Mariam Saghatelyan and Mane Manukyan -2m and 3 seconds. 

Modern Problems of Astronmy

 tnYSLU Students Scientific Association  organized a seminar on October 26. The seminar was hosted by Areg Miakayelyan, the Co-Chair of the Armenian Astronomical Association (ArAs), who is also the leading researcher and head of the research  group at Byurakan's Astrophysical Observatory ( BAO). The meeting was based on question –response , which allowed the students to increase their knowledge of  Astronomy  and related topics. The Astronomer shared his knowledge with the students. The students were very interested whether UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) were real or not. There was much discussion around all the interesting topics and also among these questions was the inevitable question whether the world was coming to an end or not. The astronomer said he was waiting for this question and answered that the universe has no end, but mankind possibly does.

We are Armenia

arcax2arcax402.10.2011 – 04.10.2011. The Student Council of YSLU after Brusov organized a visit to Republic of Nagorno- Kharabakh. Their aim was to get acquainted with the students of Kharabakh, their faculties, problems, their daily life, etc. They had also visited  Shushi’s places of  interests and returned to Armenia with the best impressions.      

20 Years Old Republic

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On September 27 YSLU celebrated the 20th independence  anniversary  of  the Republic of Armenia.
The student’s of YSLU  participated in this measure as well. There were present the lecturers of YSLU, student’s, many guests and journalists. Many words of thank’s were said at the end of the measure .

The Day of European Languages

IMG_0242SAM_4173On September 26 YSLU celebrated the day of Eourepean Languages.For that day organized measure you could find  our student’s Ovsanna Khublaryan, Christine Darbinyan, Ann Abrahamyan, Armen Hovhannisyan ,etc placed in the best light their performances of different languages. There were present lectures, students, guests and journalists as well.





On September 20 in Yerevan State  Pedagogical University the Festival of ”Nreni”, which was devoted  to the independence of Republic  of Armenia took place.
The aim of this festival was to put spurs on patriotism. The student’s of YSLU Hasmik Arakelyan and Armen Hovhannisyan participated in this measure. Our student Hasmik Arakelyan performed the song “Kilikia” and deserved the special award. The members of jury were Jivan Gasparyan, compusers Martin Vardazaryan and Ara Gevorgyan.

Membership in the European Student Unity

306310_10150298828279334_5633999333_7598942_2710511_nIMG_575222nd conference formed by YSLU took place from 25 August to 4 September in Poland daze city. 40 European countries and more than 120 students took part in that conference. YSLU students, the president of student council, secretary of Armenian National Association Hasmik Apyan and vice president of the faculty of foreign languages of YSLU students council Armine Petrosyan.

Our aim was not only to produce Armenia, but also to participate in new projects. During the conference we got new knowledge about European high education’s achievements and challenges. We hope that Armenian Students National Association will soon be a member of European Student Unity.

“PR Century, Technologies, Theory”

Summer School in Tsaghkadzor.



YSLU and YSLU Student Council from august 26 to 28 organized “PR century”, Summer School. Three days summer school took place in YSLU rest home in Tsaghkadzor. Teachers were Arman Sagatelyan, Karen Vrtanesyan, Suren Zolyan, Tigran Torosyan and Victor Soghomonyan.Though days were full but students were able to find time for their rest. Those who finished school successfully were given certificates.


Pilgrimage to Western Armenia

Picture_343Picture_353By initiative of ” Valex” group,” Baize Mattles” and organization of “Ani Tour” a piligrimage to Western Armenia was organized on August 20-26 .

In that group which consisted of 20 members Hasmik Voskanyan our student from the Faculty of Foreighn Languages was also involved. Pilgrims visited Kars, Ani, Bitlis, Bayazet, danced “Armenian qochari”, swam in water’s of mother Araqs, prayed in Armenian staying churches. This pilgrimage gave an opportunity to be in Armenian lands, to get acquainted with Armenian culture.


Baze 2011 Annual pan-Armenian Youth Gathering

300873_182552071817411_100001878580926_423482_3206696_n310891_182551958484089_100001878580926_423480_7416083_nBaze 2011 annual Armenian youth gathering took place on August 20-24 organized by Armenian Youth Foundation. About 350 participant from Armenia, Arcagh and Diaspora gathering under Armenian three colored flag tried themselves in various intellectual , cultural, athletic  competitions. This year red camp was represented by YSLU Students Council. It was the first year that the director of the camp has been a woman our Hasmik Apyan. YSLU camp leader was magister Anahit Tunyan. The camp consisted of six participants.
        They were Marianna Soghoyan, Ani Qosakyan, Husik Khazaryan, Hasmik Araqelyan, David Shahinyan and Narek Hovhannisyan. YSLU camp got many victories in competitions such as Chest I p, Song I p, Hand Strength III p.

Young Leaders Summer School

In 2011 August 12-14 - joint initiative of  The Konrad  Adenauer Foundation, the Dutch Liberal Party, Alfred  Moger Fund and Eduardo Fray's  Fund held a summer school In Sevan city complex , where the number of participants was 28. Our University  represented  the fourth-year student from the Faculty of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication Perchuhi Avagyan.

The training was conducted by 6 specialists from Holland, who  were trying to inform their professional secrets and many years of working experience. Two day`s lectures were accompanied by a variety of group activities that help the participants to be very active. Using practical work in  theoretical material was becoming more accessible for young people.

International Summer School

228958_1811400059456_1673660354_1163100_737395_n262881_1811412539768_1673660354_1163114_2821288_nJuly 25 to August 3 - The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Russian Peoples' Friendship university , Russian Federation  sport, tourism and youth policy of the Council of Europe and CIS Humanitarian Cooperation Fund`s  support was held  the International Summer School.27 young leaders from the following countries participated  in that program:Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kirgizstan, Kazakhstan,Latvia, Lithuania,Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia,Russia, the Republic of Armenia from the  Yerevan State Linguistic University  student council president Hasmik  Apyan  and from  the Yerevan State University – Vardan Khaplanyan.

The agenda of  Summer school  was so -  the first half of the young leaders participated in the linguistic and thematic, and the second half of the day they pass thematic training courses, which were held by the Council of Europe experts with the help of professionals.Hasmik participated in these events, worthily representing  The Republic of Armenia and Yerevan State Linguistic University. This year in  October is planning to hold school Bologna process in the Republic of Armenia. This topic is real, because the participating countries are new in this process, but we are a step forward.This was an excellent opportunity for our University Student Council  because  international summer school helps to  establish international relations. 

Seliger 2011

261796_216224191755850_100001048111426_676869_6427599_n267926_238627276161687_100000432493341_833244_4396601_nIn 2011 July 1-9 in Russian Federation, Tverregion, on the shore of lake Seliger was held the annual International Youth Forum  Seliger  2011, in which two students from our university from the faculty Linguistics and Intercultural Communication  Mariam Sargsyan and Arpine Sargsyan participated, which was funded by Student Council.Seliger is annual international youth and teaching forum, in which 700 students, social activists, politicians, journalists, researchers and innovators participate from more than 80 countries.

Our YSLU`s students got important knowledge. Our students presented  YSLU and YSLU`s Student Council's work very well, and  made good relationship with other students, studying in other universities.


263467_2217082872341_1405698389_32605273_2851598_n3In  2011 July 1 to December 31, co-chair of the Bologna process in Armenia and Poland. In this regard, the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia initiated some  events, the first was in Tsaghkadzor  organized by the "Bologna from 2010 after the students' role and involvement in the peace process" was the theme  of  student of international Summer school.Besides the Ministry of Education and Science, the Youth Foundation of Armenia,Armenia's National Student Association were also actively involved. One-week summer school had about 100 students from 17 countries, as well as Armenia's state and private universities and a number of student councils student - social organizations. State Linguistic University,  students Hasmik Apyan, AnahitTunyan, Anna Ohanyan, Armine Petrosyan, Ani Qosakyan also participated in the above mentioned summer school. Our students obtained complete understanding of the following topics:

  • ·''Bologna Process in Armenia: Achievements and Challenges''
  • ·''Multilevel Educational System, Qualifications and the Connection with the Labor Market''
  • ·''University Administration and Students. Students Autonomy''
  • ·''Achievements and Problems of Recognition in the European Higher Education Area''
  • ·'' Students` Involvement in the Process of Quality Provision''
  • ·''ECTS and European Higher Education Area''


Bryusov's Students  Enjoy Their Well-Earned Rest

altThis summer  due to YSLU Student council and Youth Foundation   more than 70 students from  FL, LIC, RFL faculties and magistracy spent  memorable three day`s rest in Tsaghkadzor. Among the invites were also YSLU volleyball ,field and track teams, which has repeatedly participated in  different  interuniversity competitions. In those days held a variety of sports games, cultural evenings  and debates, our students also visited the monastery complex of  Kecharis  and the ropeway.YSLU students enjoyed their holidays and return with full strength and full of energy, ready for new academic year.