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Student Council

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IMG_8622President of the Student Council: Hasmik Apyan
Vice-President: Marianna Soghoyan

Secretary: Anahit Tunyan

The Student Council of YSLU is a  self governing body, which represents the interests of students . SC promotes the students’ educational, scientific, creative, physical, moral and spiritual life. The SC of YSLU was founded in 1997.

The SC  presidents were :

  • Marat   Muradyan       (1997-2002)
  • Suren  Enoqyan          (2002-2005)
  • Maria   Bareghamyan  (2005-2007)
  • Rubina Bostanjyan     (2007-2009 Oct)
  • Hasmik Apyan/temp/  (2009 Oct - 2010 March)
  • Hasmik Apyan           (2010 March till today)



The main goal is to unite the students of the university, to support and take part in the activities  and changes in the educational system, as well as to promote the birth of civil society among students, preserving the national and university traditions. The SC gives students the opportunity to paricipate in the process of governing the university (among the governing bodies 25% are students). Represents problems concerning students during the debates of the governing bodies.

The governing bodies of the SC are :

  • The Assembly
  • The Presidency
  • The President

 The supreme governing body of the SC is  Assembly, which is elected with  the term of  2 years, according to the partial changes among students. The members of  the Assembly are elected among students of 3 faculties, a representative among 50-55 members.

         The SC Permanent committees are:

  • The Faculty SCs
  • The SC of Magistracy
  • The Committees
  • The SCC
  • The Editorial board


The SC permanent committees are:

  • The Scientific     committee
  • The Cultural       committee
  • The Sports         committee
  • The Informative  committee


In the SC the following temporary committees also work:

  • The Organizing committee
  • The Charity committee
  • the Foreign Affairs committee


 The SC also has the following clubs:

  • The Intelectual    club
  • The Translation   club
  • The Debate         club
  • The Leizure time  club
  • The Club of gayness and witiness with the team: «Ложная тревога»

The SC has also newspapers which elustrate SC activities and events taking place in the university.It also publishes the following faculty newspapers «ՕԼֆ օրագիր», «Նոր ձեռագիր», «Наша жизнь».