YSLU library


YSLU library after V. Brusov was opened along with the establishment of the University in 1935.  YSLU library meets the needs of its students and lecturers with a wide range of library services. The Library resources are accessible to students, faculty and staff.  Library of YSLU not only provides and promotes quality fiction to develop and sustain in students the habit and enjoyment of reading for pleasure and to enrich students' intellectual, aesthetic, cultural and emotional growth, but also creates an appropriate scientific atmosphere for students to realize themselves       as         researchers.                                                                                                                                                  Its mission is to serve as a haven for books, as well as to maintain and operate a system that provides appropriate study, documentation, storage, preservation, presentation and research conditions. YSLU library houses nearly 200 thousand books in different languages.

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The library of YSLU is a member of Electronic Library Consortium of Armenia and is connected to the network of electronic libraries, which makes it possible to access such electronic databases as SpringerLinkEBSCOhostRoyal Society Publishingpolpred.comWiley Online Libraryelibrary.ru and Oxford English Dictionary. These resources are the world's leading online information services for scientific, technical and medical books and journals. Access to the aforementioned databases is open from YSLU computers only.  Visit YSLU computer center located on the 3rd floor of the library building to have free access to the database.

The main information about YSLU scientific library is given on http://www.brusov.am/en It is possible to follow the library news with the help of Facebook social networkhttp://www.facebook.com/yslu.library?ref=ts&fref=ts You can make book request and loan books online as well as download electronic books by following the link belowhttp://www.brusov.am/hy/library/yslu-library/collections/ebooks.                                                              Besides there is the “Ask the librarian” servicehttp://www.brusov.am/en/library/yslu-library/collections/ebooks -  which allows enquiring information as well as receiving an answer within one business day.   

The center  for  the implementation of Council of  Europe language education programmes located in YSLU library building houses  Funds of the Council  of  Europe and Joseph Sheils Fund,  including unique books on such topics like  the council of  Europe, the centre of Modern language learning,  the Foreign language learning and teaching methodology, etc.                                         The Austrian library in Yerevan after Franz Werfel is also located in the YSLU library building, which is a public library and it is open to the reading public of Armenia. Those interested in Austria, Austrian rich cultural heritage, can visit Austrian library, get acquainted with Austrian literature, Art and get all the necessary information.